Having just completed my second year of a BA(Hons) in Communications and Media at Bournemouth University, I was eagerly looking for work experience this summer, in order to gain an insight into the industry.  Coming across Spring was a real blessing, and the time I spend there in August has really emphasised my passion for PR and Communications, and even grabbed my interest in the design area.

As part of my degree I had to undertake some work experience at any company of my choice.  I’d already done a month’s work at a PR company based in Norwich, but being the seaside-town-loving Suffolk person that I am, I instantly fell in love with Spring and the new challenges thrown at me.

Just before a Monday morning production meeting you think you have your week in order, but then mounds of other tasks get passed your way and that deadline that was once weeks away is now tomorrow – but that was half the fun!

I was only at Spring for a short period of time, and would’ve absolutely loved to stay for as long as possible, however my dissertation is calling and University is almost over!

Experiencing the industry through Spring has shown me just how complex yet invigorating the PR and Design industries can be, and if anything, has confirmed and expanded my excitement for graduating and becoming part of the real world.

I hope to work with Spring again in the near future, and would like to thank the team one more time for having me!