The power of “why?” might seem like a new thing, but in reality you’ve been doing it since you were three. If you stopped, why did you – and will you start again?

Boy looking puzzled

My advice to tackling any project successfully is this. Start by asking why, why, why and why until you can’t possibly ask it again. Only then will you be in a position to really take stock of a situation and form a plan.


Because you need to know – really know – what people want in order to give it to them.

Because you need to know – really know – what makes people tick in order to connect with them.

Because you need to know – really know – what lies at the heart of a business in order to help it grow authentically, sustainably and long-term profitably.

From the very first stages of our development as human beings, we start to ask why. Why allows us to grow. Why helps us shape ourselves for the lives we want to lead.

So why do we stop?

Perhaps we are embarrassed about putting up our hands. Perhaps we think we should already know the answers. Perhaps we lose interest in growing.

It’s time to reconnect with that desire to really understand.

As consultants, Spring help our clients to grow by probing their audience, unearthing their corporate raison d’etre, setting targets which they believe in and feel inspired by.

And we do that by asking ‘why’.

Why not try it? You might be surprised by what it creates.

If you’re not yet ready to release your inner inquisitor, call us in to help – Erika is on 01502 726161 or