Our Process


To do effective work the consultation phase is crucial. This is the phase where we go through the key processes necessary to gain understanding. It’s the phase in which we get to grips with your organisation and its purpose: from strategic plans, to daily activities, through to its ethos. We ensure we are fully briefed on your objectives and your overarching goals, and we need to get to know essential facts about your people, your customers, and your community.



The clarification phase is where understanding is transformed into purpose and direction. With your involvement we put together the objective, the planned activities, and the key people, to get a deep insight into the whole project. Out of this comes a project strategy, a delivery plan, and a detailed brief for all the work that follows.



The creation phase is all about bringing the insight to life, through design and development. We begin with creative concepts and we filter those – judging them against desired outcomes and intended audiences – until we find one core concept (the big idea!) which can carry all of the work that follows. From that point the process is about creative development, writing the narrative, and designing for offline and online purposes. A detailed activity timetable follows, supported by multi-channel planning, before ultimately moving to content creation, build and production.



The campaign phase is how the creativity finds its feet, and flourishes. No matter how beautiful the work, or how robust the strategic phases before it, everything ultimately depends on the roll-out to audiences. Whether it’s a website, print material, an advertising or PR campaign, a consultation process, or a series of events: this is the phase of delivery. There are clear stages within this, and we plan and execute each one with equal care: the launch; tracking of results; reviewing; and, if necessary adapting. The crucial question in our minds throughout is “are the objectives being achieved?”.