It was all going so well … and it will again. We know from our clients in manufacturing, the professions and other businesses just how tough this time is, and how hugely varied their circumstances are.

What also shines out is their resilience and ambition. We are proud to work alongside business owners and boards to help them regain commercial strength throughout this time.

The conversation is increasingly moving towards coming out of lockdown, and how that can be achieved. For you, that ‘how’ is fundamental to the business decisions you’re going to be making over the next weeks and months.

Spring can help. Not just with your marketing, but also to help you plan your future, phase it and start to edge towards being fully functional. 

Let us explain. The core of what we do for businesses like yours is brand marketing, understanding your product and its audience, and shaping ongoing publicity to bring the two together

From brand positioning and design, to brand materials development and ongoing marketing campaigns, we’ve got wide experience of delivering great results for SMEs and owner-managed businesses across the East of England, and we’d like to help you to adapt and thrive too.

We’re experienced in delivering campaigns online, in print and in the real world. We adapt the medium to each market you need to target, to deliver results.

At the moment, we can bring more in besides brand strategy and consumer marketing – we can bring in business savvy. Helping you to set realistic targets for marketing outcomes, phase campaigns, and open up slowly to the market, probably with quite a varied offer as we move slowly out of lockdown.

We can help you communicate with your team, your communities, your supply chain, your business partners too, to help them understand the process, gain confidence, feel loyalty.

Everything we do is meticulously planned, tracked and reported; every next thing we do is based on a flexible, responsive approach where as we learn we adapt to gain ever better results.

So let’s chat. Right now, getting us all out of this situation and moving back towards success is the most important thing, and so we will be delighted to help you consider your next moves pro bono. You can contact Erika here.