As an Oxford University student, the pressure of deciding what it is that you want to ‘do with your life’, looms increasingly near with each passing essay. The question you have been asked since you were in primary school, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ seems like it needs a definitive answer. Obviously this pressure and expectation is over-hyped, but experience is the only way to whittle down an answer to this life-long question. I got in touch with Erika and was welcomed to Spring for a week of work experience with the Springers.

My week in Southwold flew by. The diversity of roles at Spring, from social media, to writing, to design, admin and client services, meant that I was always doing something different. With my own desk in the office, I was able to work away whilst spying on what the rest of the team were up to. It was great to see designs coming together so quickly and to be able to listen into all the conversations to truly understand the relationship between designers, creative directors and clients. The office atmosphere was friendly; despite it being a very busy week, everyone was up for a chat about what they were doing.


Running the Spring social media channels for the week gave me a great insight into #Springlife both past and present. It really hit home how important the community is at Spring, both the office community and the wider local culture. It was great to write blog posts like this one as I was able to contribute to the website. I learnt more about Instagram alt tags and it was great to chat to Katie about her social media work for clients too. 

On Wednesday Chris, George and Katie took me up to North Norfolk to help out on a client Discovery Day. It’s really rare to get a chance to experience the client side of an agency so I felt really lucky to be able to get involved and assist the presentation. I loved seeing how excited the client was at the prospect of Spring’s creative vision bolstering their business. The collaborative creative thinking was really interesting to observe. It also helped me to understand the client side of roles such as account director and creative director as they begin on their journey with an account. I will definitely be keeping an eye on the campaign as it progresses from this discovery meeting. 

It was such a fun and interesting week. I already miss the lunch breaks on the beach! Whilst I don’t have to decide the answer to ‘what I want to do when I grow up’ just yet, my week in Southwold has certainly cemented that I want a creative career in a business with a strong community culture like Spring.