As part of a series of conversations with Springers, we asked Richard to update us on a favourite project he’s working on, what 2020 has taught him, and his hopes for 2021.

One project I’ve been focusing on recently is a new website for Southwold Flower Company – a growing farm just outside Spring’s hometown which, until lockdown, had a shop on the town’s High Street. After the forced closure of the shop in Southwold, much of their trade has needed to move online so their new website is built on a platform more suitable to ecommerce.

We’re keen to communicate the character of the business and so the copy I’ve crafted is personal, friendly, human and earthy to match the offering they have. Now they’ve opened up the on-farm experience, we especially wanted to convey the peaceful, back-to-nature experience of being at the flower farm, whether for a workshop or wandering the fields and picking your own flowers.

What have I learned this year? The value of normality! Only a year ago, normality used to be seen as something dull, something that was to be avoided. It’s why ‘escape the norm’ became a cliche. Yet, now those simple, normal, things you used to be able to do without a second thought, like inviting people into your home, shaking hands, taking your son to the match, spending an evening throwing people over your shoulder, are now extremely difficult to do, if not completely forbidden. And we miss them. We miss normality.

And what I’m looking forward to is this. Playing an instrument on your own is fun, playing as part of a band is better. I ’m one of the keys players in our church band. [Editor’s note: the photo doesn’t show D:Ream with Professor Brian Cox on keys, but Richard playing in the church band!] Our church meets in a school so it has been extra difficult to meet in person since March. We managed to hold our first service at the school under Covid restrictions towards the end of October and then a couple of weeks later, (the Sunday before I was due to play), the second national lockdown forced us to go back to meeting fully on Zoom. All things being equal we will be able to go back in again the Sunday after lockdown.