Spring is working with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group in North East Essex on a campaign to promote self care this winter.

We’ve delivered the ‘Small Steps, Big Change’ campaign using online and offline creative, showing small figures helping people self care. They cover a range of different topics including sore throats, coughs and colds, beating flu, trips and falls, back pain and good hand hygiene.

It also provides information on getting quick expert advice and treatment from local pharmacists and NHS111. The aim is to raise awareness of how self care will ease pressure on General Practitioners and Accident and Emergency departments.

The campaign has a very broad audience, so we had to appeal to children right through to the over 70s. We also knew that the campaign would predominantly be print and featured in surgeries where there would be a multitude of other health care advice fighting for patients’ attention. This provided us with a unique challenge to solve. We knew lots of text would be off-putting and difficult to read, so we created a large and bold title using a short rhythmic sentence structure which could be read easily and quickly at a glance. By structuring the sentences in quick bursts it helped highlight the small steps that could be taken to make big change in the public’s general health and ability to treat it without visiting a GP or A&E. We supported the text with visually appealing imagery to help emphasise the self care messaging, using small figures to add a playful element to the imagery and emphasise the ‘small steps’ part of the message. Without the figurines the imagery would be generic, but now it draws the attention and appeals to a younger audience. It also allows us to be playful in future evolution of the campaign.


To help support the campaign in the digital marketplace we created a number of quick animated videos for Facebook and Instagram using the images from the posters and animating the text to catch people’s attention as they scroll through content on the social media pages.