This year, Spring has created hand-drawn illustrations for four of Adnams’ new wines.


Since Spring and Adnams are both based in Southwold, the two companies’ design studios enjoy the opportunity to work together. In this instance, Spring created the bespoke hand-drawn illustrations for the Adnams design team to incorporate into their label designs.

Two of the designs are for new lower alcohol New Zealand wines, both of which have less than 10% abv (alcohol by volume), one is for a Beaujolais, while the most recent design is for a Claret.

Communicating the fresh, clean flavour of the wine, the Riesling label features a stylized drawing of the tail of a whale surfacing from the sea – an iconic symbol of New Zealand wildlife. The Sauvignon label has a depiction of a New Zealand fern, with the illustration style celebrating traditional Maori tattoos.

The Beaujolais label includes a reference to the wine maker’s love of playing the trombone – a fun and original demonstration of character for this fruity red.

The most recent addition to the set for Claret Bordeaux Superieur, meanwhile, features a depiction – intricately hand drawn by Springer Lynton – of the soil layers that make the perfect conditions in which to grow the grapes for this rich and characterful red. It’s the Carteyron estate’s complex soils that are the inspiration behind the label. Composed of deep gravels and glacial deposits, the levels of soil force the vines to work hard, sticking their roots down deep in search of water and nutrients – in the process delivering complex flavours in the grapes themselves. The soil structure is depicted on the label with a subtle yet striking design, with the luxurious touch of a foil block finish.