Spring has relaunched the website for EDF Energy’s Sizewell C Stage 2 planning consultation as well as redesigning the EDF Information Office, with the aim of creating an all round more user friendly experience at this crucial stage of the consultation.


The site is fresh, clear and inviting, presenting a wealth of useful information in an engaging way. EDF brand colours orange and navy blue are accented throughout, underpinning Sizewell C’s brand and providing increased clarity across the site.

Eye-catching banners, large images and clear typography also ensure that the site is easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Simplicity is an overriding feature of the new website – the fixed menu bar located at the top of each page allows people to access relevant information in one click.

The Sizewell C Proposals section provides a clear and easily digestible overview of the project’s stages, a timeline indicating previous activities, future plans and current status in a clear infographic.

Elsewhere, the Events section is now a crucial part of the site, publicising the Sizewell C Project Team’s community engagement programme. Here, EDF Energy’s attendance at – and sponsorship of – business, educational and community events is listed, along with participation in parish meetings and exhibitions during the formal stages of consultation. These are displayed and regularly updated. Bringing these elements together, the site acts as a hub to drive momentum while providing a functional tool that the community can use.

Spring had two main aims when undertaking this project: to create a compelling user journey by improving the site design, as well as ensuring the longevity of the site by providing room for future growth.

As well as having a more user-friendly front-end, the website is now easy for administrators to use too, allowing EDF Energy staff members to easily upload or edit news stories, events and other information.

Delivered alongside the website, the Sizewell C Information Office in Leiston also underwent a makeover this year, and it’s now light, bright and welcoming.

The aim of this was to create a friendly, approachable office which would become an information hub for the community rather than a generic office space. Spring utilised the new Sizewell C brand to open up the office and add some personality into the space.


As well as the meeting room, the reception was the main focus of the refresh. Alongside a coat of white paint throughout, we removed and replaced ageing window graphics and re-organised the offices to make the most of the space and added external signage to encourage people into the building. A key part of the revamp are the wall graphics displaying key facts, figures and the brand’s ethos make the space feel warm and inviting while reiterating the key aims of the Sizewell C project. Among the anecdotes on the walls are the benefits that will be brought to the economy as well as details of the Aldhurst Farm Habitat Creation scheme – again serving to illustrate EDF Energy’s commitment to the local community at first glance.