Spring’s Creative Director George has kept himself busy on Saturdays for a few years now, running a pop-up artisan bakery with Michelin-trained chef Johnny Spillings.

The Box, in Southwold, is a tiny space that opens from 8.00 every Saturday morning until they run out of stock. The record is 10am. Not just a shop, it’s a social experience: people pop in for a chat and a cuppa as they choose their bread and pastries. Like a decent pub, you’ll always bump into people you know, and if you don’t know them now you will soon.

The produce is, as you’d expect, fantastic. A good range of breads, biscuits, pastries and savoury treats are a tempting sight at the start of the weekend. It’s a good job they collaborated with local lifestyle brand, Lift, to get jaunty yellow cotton bags, because it’s impossible only to buy what you went in for.

At Spring we positively encourage people to broaden their experience, through twice-yearly cultural expansion grants, lunches with Spring Heroes, Spring workshops and more; we think George’s experience in setting up and running The Box brings a level of knowledge to his work with owner-managed businesses that’s indispensable.

The Box and other great regional bakeries were covered by the East Anglian Daily Times over the weekend. You can read about them all here.