We asked the Springers to share the letter that has dominated their (rather active!) lockdowns.

Glen Cone, Creative Director: his lockdown is brought to you by the letter S.

Spring – Working hard to keep us safe

Springers – Always there for you on a bad day

Surfing – Walking to my local beach and isolating in the good old North Sea

Survival – Following the guidelines

Salad – Lots of salad and more salad, healthy body etc

Standards – NMC Covid 19 Standards

Simon Hazelgrove, Co-founder: his lockdown is brought to you by the letter D.

Digging – going self sufficient with a veggie garden for the first time in a decade

Dogs – they think we’ve done this for them!

DIY – finally tackling that list of jobs …

Daytime – long working days that have smashed the 9-5, as the daylight hours, too, get longer.


Su Whitelock, Financial Manager – her lockdown is brought to you by the letter C.

Chancellor – I have never been as locked onto the news!

Chicks – life goes on, and our chickens have had babies

Clapping – a wonderful Community thank you every Thursday

Cake – too much, and lots of cuppas too

Camping – we’ve made the most of the garden

Credit control – essential, all the time.

Chris Abbott, Account DIrector: his lockdown is brought to you by the letter P

Practicing new ways of working (Zoom, teams et al)

Proving we know what matters (NMC Emergency Standards)

Pitching New Ideas – we developed Get It To Go in 48 hours to allow shopkeepers to manage bookings and collections

Plastic Model Kit pastimes (Honda)

Planting out the garden

Pedal power evening rides

Painting bedsheets for carers

Prezzies from the boss

Putting up with home haircuts!

Erika Clegg, co founder: my lockdown is brought to you by the letter Z

Zoom: it’s been a lifeline to keep the team together and I’ve practically never been off it.

Zebra: my Zebra trainers have gone from pristine to knackered in two months c/o trebling my exercise

Zoroastrianism: My son’s school RE project early on in lockdown is still a real joy. Google it if you don’t know about it!

Katie Brown, Social Media Manager: her lockdown is brought to you by the letter T.

Time for walks and reading, cooking and making cocktails.

Time for thinking, and time for appreciating all the small things.