Whoever your members and whatever their interests, they’ll have been impacted by the current situation – and that means you have too. 

Add to that the challenges of remote working, a fast-changing news stream and all the other consequences of Lockdown, and these are strange times. We know from our clients in membership organisations and groups that they’re adapting well, keeping up the lines of communication and being resilient – but you can’t do it alone, and that’s where Spring comes in.

We’re a creative communications agency, and in normal circumstances we provide brand positioning, brand design and materials including content creation, audience development, and ongoing campaigns. That’s still going on but where our clients are needing more flex is in two quite clear directions: strategic counsel, and tactical capacity.

Over the last few weeks we’ve delivered a fast-turnaround production of emergency standards for one membership organisation, and provided extensive graphic design support for another that usually handles it in house. There are elements of business as usual, but different – so we’re deep in a bilingual five year strategy for a client, and helping them with the challenges of gathering and approving content remotely.

At the moment, we can bring more in besides brand strategy and consumer marketing – we can bring in business savvy. Helping you to set realistic targets for marketing outcomes, phase campaigns, open up slowly to the market, probably with quite a varied offer as we move slowly out of lock down.

We can help you communicate with your team, your members, your community, your business partners too, to help them understand the process, gain confidence, feel loyalty.

Everything we do is meticulously planned, tracked and reported; every next thing we do is based on a flexible, responsive approach where as we learn we adapt to gain ever better results.

So let’s chat. Right now, getting us all out of this situation and moving back towards success is the most important thing, and we will be delighted to help you consider your next moves. You can contact Erika here.