What is the Church of England’s role in a thriving community? at a workshop yesterday, we heard from people who really care about their community and its needs.

The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich is showing vision in throwing open to suggestion its input to the community it serves. It acknowledges that the Church is for the betterment of lives, justice and common good. The Diocese invited people who are deeply embedded in Suffolk’s needs to share their candid opinions about what’s required.

It was a challenging and progressive session for all involved, with strong views, strongly stated. Marking the start of a period of focus, self-awareness and change, this valuable session will undoubtedly help to ensure that the Diocese can dig in and make a difference, to help grow a flourishing society.

Mark Pendlington, who was behind the event, said “The morning certainly exceeded my expectations, and the group dynamic was really strong. Can’t wait for the feedback and film!”