The #SpringEthos awards have been presented! 
#BringPositiveEnergy goes to Sean, our One Minute Brief devouring New Yorker. “Never a sad face, enthusiastic about all he takes on.” Katie’s won the award for #knowwhatmatters going over and above to deliver successful campaigns, supporting her colleagues and showing admirable focus

For his fantastic work to high standards on a tight turnaround, Glen receives glowing reviews from clients and colleagues alike, and the #makeexcellentwork award.

Su brings positivity and care to the welfare of the Springers and in her focus on Spring’s work, so she’s a popular winner for #improvepeopleslives

And the award for #liveourvision as an #agentofchange goes to Glen, in a rare double win “His positive approach to work, ensuring excellent delivery is standard, always knowing what matters whether it’s client related, welfare of his colleagues or suppliers, he consistently looks to improve people’s lives and live Spring’s vision.”